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Novels by Michael Carlon

Stories with the depth of Jonathan Tropper, the humor of Carl Hiaasen, and the escapism of a Jimmy Buffett song.

Audiobook Excerpt

All the F*cks I Cannot Give

Kelly Carson is one of those ‘Clark Kent’ like guys who just can’t stand up for himself. His wife doesn’t love him, his boss doesn’t respect him, and his father refers to Kelly’s twin sister as the son he always wanted. With three weeks to go before Christmas, Kelly receives the shock of his life when he’s fired over the telephone while waiting to catch a flight home and begins an adventure that will change his life.

Slippery People

Greg James is a former investigative journalist seeking redemption by reuniting a Country singer with her birth father. When the father dies in a mysterious fire, Greg enlists the help of podcasters Farrah Graham and Jimmy Doubts for help and finds himself at the center of a scandal that will rock his world.

Motel California

The Motel California isn’t a lovely place—a fact that podcasters Farrah Graham and Jimmy Doubts learn the hard way when Jimmy is framed for the murder of an outlaw country artist hellbent on distancing himself from his past.

The Last Homily

A Catholic priest is murdered in the resort village of Chatham, MA and it is up to Farrah Graham and her partner Jimmy Doubts to find out who did it and why, before the killer strikes again.

Uncorking a Murder

A detective short on time due to his declining health races against the clock with Podcaster Farrah Graham and her assistant Jimmy Doubts to free an innocent man.

Winning Streak

Winning Streak is the story of how three lives intersect as each comes to learn critical lessons in order to heal from the pain of loss in their lives. 

All the F*cks I Cannot Give

After getting fired three weeks before Christmas, Kelly Carson learns how not giving a F*ck can be the path to self-enlightenment.

Return to Casa Grande

A washed up 80s soap star is thrust back into the spotlight after an accidental appearance on a hit reality show.

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