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The Uncorking a Story podcast features in-depth conversations with storytellers including authors, filmmakers, comedians, and podcasters.

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If you like our pre-recorded interviews, you will love attending a live taping of Uncorking a Story. It’s like Inside the Actor’s Studio, but for authors. Limited availability so reserve your spot now.

The stories behind the stories

Stories influence, teach, and inspire us. Each episode of Uncorking a Story profiles a storyteller to uncover how their background and life experiences influence the stories they create and share. We learn what motivates them, their path to success, and what fuels them to keep creating and it all starts by asking one simple question, “So, tell me, where does your story begin?”

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Meet Your Host

Mike Carlon has had a 25 year career in the market research industry moderating focus groups and in-depth-interviews for companies such as Unilever, Pepsi, American Express, and Meta.

He started the Uncorking a Story podcast in 2013 to provide authors and other content creators with an outet for promoting their work.

His quick sense of humor, innate curiosity, and empathy for others make each insightful conversation fun to listen to. A writer himself, his eight novels can be purchased wherever books are sold online.

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