I am currently in Ft. Lauderdale visiting my parents for Easter.  I feel at home down here because I was born only 15 miles west of here in Plantation, FL.  I loved growing up in south Florida and have many fond memories of a simpler time.  My parents did not always have the best judgement though.

I was looking through some old photo albums and came across a picture of my grandmother and me celebrating her 70th birthday party. Note the slick Miami Dolphins jammies!  You may be asking yourself, “Is mike really drinking champagne?” I am afraid the answer is indeed yes. My parents let me have a taste to help celebrate the special occasion.  I told you they did not always have the best judgement.  The bigger question for me, though, is what the heck is in my left hand? Was this a swingers party or something? Come to think of it, I do remember an empty fishbowl with keys in it. Ahh, the 70s.

Too young to drink

Why am I drinking champagne and what is that red thing in my hand