Join us in this intriguing episode as we dive into the creative world of Peter Malone Elliott, an award-nominated screenwriter and author of the captivating novel “Blue Ridge.” From the mysterious allure of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the complex dynamics of identical twins, Peter shares the inspiration behind his debut novel and his seamless transition from screenwriting to novel writing.

About Peter Malone Elliott

Peter Malone Elliott is an author, screenwriter, and developmental editor who has earned a Leo Award nomination for Best Screenwriting, motion picture. Born and raised in Virginia, he now lives in Brooklyn, but still holds the magic of the mountains and Southern living near and dear to his heart. He joined me on Uncorking a Story to chat about his career and about his debut novel, BLUE RIDGE.

Key Highlights:

  1. The Inspiration Behind “Blue Ridge”: Discover how long hikes in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and the idea of identical twins’ unique relationship led to the creation of his psychological thriller.
  2. Screenwriting vs. Novel Writing: Peter discusses the challenges and liberations of moving from screenwriting to novel writing, highlighting the differences in creative expression and storytelling depth.
  3. Family Influence: Growing up with a New York Times bestselling novelist mother, writing was always in Peter’s blood. He shares how this familial background shaped his path.
  4. Advice for Aspiring Authors: Peter gives practical advice on navigating the publishing world, stressing the importance of perseverance and exploring various avenues beyond traditional publishing.
  5. A Personal Touch: Reflecting on his work, Peter talks about how writing has become a therapeutic outlet for exploring themes of familial trauma and secrets.


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