“The day my dance instructor had her jaw wired shut to lose weight was the day I realized how deep the rabbit hole of body image issues really went. It wasn’t just about being thin; it was about battling your body at war with societal expectations.” – Lori Brand

Welcome to a compelling episode that dives deep into the heart of how societal pressures shape our self-perception and the lengths to which people go to meet those expectations. Today, we’re honored to have Lori Brand share her journey from the world of competitive bodybuilding to becoming a voice for strength and empowerment. Lori’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of mental strength, and the need to redefine what it means to be fit and healthy in a society obsessed with physical appearance. Join us as Lori Brand uncovers the raw and real side of the fitness world, the beauty of finding strength in what truly matters, and how she’s using her voice to challenge and change the narrative around health, fitness, and beauty.

Meet Lori Brand

Lori Brand is a lifting enthusiast, group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and software quality engineer. In past lives, she’s been a gymnast, dancer, Playboy model, and bodybuilder. Her time in the body wars trenches led to her realization that getting strong, rather than shrinking, is the way out. In an effort to spread the word, she’s had articles published in STRONG Fitness Magazine, T-Nation, Inside Fitness Magazine, D’FYNE Fitness Magazine, and more. She joined me on Uncorking a Story to discuss her career and debut novel, Bodies to Die For.

Key Topics:

  1. Journey to Writing: Lori shares her transition from writing for fitness magazines to penning her debut novel, “Bodies to Die For,” inspired by real-life events and her desire to explore the complex dialogue surrounding body positivity.
  2. Fitness Industry Realities: Insights into the pressures and unrealistic standards within the fitness and bodybuilding industries, including Lori’s personal experiences and observations.
  3. The Power of Strength: Lori emphasizes the shift from striving for societal approval through physical appearance to finding empowerment in strength, both mental and physical.
  4. Social Media’s Role: A discussion on how Instagram and other social platforms amplify body image issues, and the double-edged sword of body positivity movements online.
  5. Thriller Writing: A behind-the-scenes look into Lori’s process of weaving her experiences and societal critiques into a gripping thriller narrative.
  6. Mental Health and Body Image: Exploring the deep-seated psychological effects of body image struggles and the importance of mental health in the fitness conversation.
  7. Future Projects: Lori hints at her upcoming works and how she plans to continue addressing critical issues through her writing.


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