When I was younger I had a lot of patience; in fact, people used to tell me that I had the patience of Job. In addition to slowing down our metabolism, against apparently chips away at our patience like my kids chip away at the candy jar (little by little so mommy doesn’t notice).

Today I was at the ATM machine prior to taking a train into NY. I knew that I was cutting it close. When I pulled up there was a woman taking out some money, or so I thought. She was in front of it for a good 5 minutes. She spent so much time there I thought as if she were breaking into the W.O.P.R. Computer. When it was finally my turn I have expected the ATM to ask, “Would you like to play a game?” Note to self, change pin code from Joshua to something else.

Aside from people who take too long at the ATM, the other person I have no patience for is the person who takes too long to back out of a parking spot. Last weekend I was in a crowded parking lot and lucked out, or so I thought, when I caught sight of a woman on the way to her car. She gets in, the car starts, break lights go on, but no movement. WTF. Seems as if someone decided it was time to reapply a little Mary Kay. She took so long I expected her to look like the Star Child from Kiss (was that Ace or Paul?).

I could probably spend the better part of today coming up with more examples of people who try my patience but I better move on. I am typing this on my phone and there is a long line of men behind me in the restroom.