Over the course of my career I can point to three people who were excellent mentors for me—people who really helped shape who I am not only as a qualitative researcher, but as a person. They are Susanne Heincke, Liz Moore, and Paul Jacobson. Each helped to inspire me and prepare me for one of the most non-traditional careers in marketing and I am grateful for all the time they spent teaching, advising and even consoling me over the years. I bring this up because today’s guest on Uncorking a Story, Michelle Renaldo Ferguson, knows a thing or two about mentoring and that’s quite the understatement since she wrote a book on it and joined me to talk about it.

Meet Michelle Renaldo Ferguson:

Michelle Renaldo Ferguson is a global transformational executive,  self-proclaimed serial mentor and strategic advisor.  She spent most of her career at S&P Global/McGraw where she co-founded a global mentoring program which ignited her passion for mentoring.  She was acknowledged as an advocate for women and is a proud founding member of Chief, the only private network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders. She joined me on Uncorking a story to discuss her book, Women Mentoring Women, which came out of Michelle’s passion for mentoring.

Key Topics:

  1. The importance of mentoring, particularly for women, in corporate America.
  2. Michelle’s motivation for writing a book on mentoring.
  3. The importance of having a supportive network during the writing process.
  4. Michelle’s belief that everyone has a book in them.
  5. Why sometimes good enough is good enough.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelleferguson1/


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