Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach and the author of the Amazon #1 International Bestseller Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. Through her company Butterfly Workshops, she offers sexual health and awareness courses plus leadership courses for corporations and individuals throughout the world. For over a decade, she’s hosted the weekly radio show Sex and Happiness where she discusses all topics about, you guessed it, sex. Laurie has also produced and starred in two independent films: “Beyond Dinner” and “Tantric Tourists.” Her current focus is on Sexual Ecstasy at Any Age and is currently writing a book called The Magic and Mastery of Sex and Happiness After Sixty. As an aside, I interview people for a living and I really love interviewing people who are experts in fields where I have next to no experience. Oftentimes when I lose a project, a client will tell me it’s because I didn’t have enough experience in their category or that someone on the team wanted to go with an interviewer who they’ve used in the past, and that’s all very rational, but the truth is they are doing themselves a disservice. When I go into a situation where I know next to nothing, my curiosity takes over and I probe into areas that other people might not dared to tread. Additionally, my interviewee will sense my naiveté and then put on the hat of teacher, thereby giving more detailed explanations of whatever subject matter they are expert in. In short, it leads to really fluid and insightful interviews and I think you will discover that to be the case in my conversation with Laurie. Now you may be wondering, hey Mike, won’t you be embarrassed if your eighty plus year old parents heard you carrying on about this? Well, consider this – after Laurie’s mother passed away, her father became her student. Let that sink in for a second, she taught her father everything she knew about sex and intimacy! Aside from that, my parents know that I’ve had sex as I’ve given them grandchildren. One thing I learned in my talk with Laurie is that Tantra is much more than just sex. In this conversation you’ll hear why Laurie believes we all have to change and adapt throughout life, why it’s important to come to peace with our own emotional and physical needs before we can fully do so with another, and why it’s so damn hard for many men and women to have an honest conversation about what they want in the bedroom. You’ll hear the advice she’d give young couples on how to have a fulfilling sex life well into their golden years as well as how to talk to one’s children about sex in a way that’s open, honest, and will set them up for fulfilling emotional and physical relationships in the future. I hope you listen to this entire interview with Laurie because it comes to a nice climax towards the end. This Spring, she’ll be doing a multi-city tour running some seminars called What to do About #MeToo. You can learn about those events and more about Laurie by visiting