When I was in college, I studied psychology because I was fascinated by the mind-body connection. I wanted to understand what made people tick and why they do what they do. My guest today had a similar curiosity into the human condition, although went about indulging it differently—by studying anthropology.

Meet Juliet Blackwell

Juliette Blackwell is the New York Times bestselling author of Off the Wild Coast of Brittany and The Vineyards of Champagne. In addition to writing the beloved Witchcraft Mystery series and the Haunted Home Renovation series, she also coauthored the Agatha Award–nominated Art Lover’s Mystery series with her sister.

She joined me to talk about her latest book, The Paris Showroom, which takes place during World War II. What’s the true story that sparked the idea for this book? What role does observation play in Juliet’s writing process? What is her fascination with haunted houses? Listen in to today’s episode for the answers to these questions plus learn my link to WWII era France. As a teaser, it has something to do with Anthony Fauci!

The Pairs showroom can be purchased at Amazon.com, at Bookshop.org, or wherever you buy books. Learn more about Juliet Blackwell at https://julietblackwell.net/

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