Dan Hill is the author of eight books including Famous Faces Decoded: A Guidebook for Reading OthersTwo Cheers for Democracy: How Emotions Drive Leadership Style; and First Blush: People’s Intuitive Reactions to Famous Art.

His specialty is analyzing the power of emotions to shape outcomes and personalities. Dan pioneered the use of facial coding in business and has done research for over 50% of the world’s top 100 B2C companies. Media highlights include appearances on ABC’s Good Morning, America and NBC’s The Today Show, plus front-page coverage in The New YorkTimes.

Listen in as I speak with Dan about how he went from being a guy with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Ph.D. in English to being recognized as a pioneer of facial coding in the market research industry.

Dan’s blog Faces of the Week can be found at https://emotionswizard.com