About Carrington Smith: Carrington Smith is a single mom, attorney, business owner, and executive search professional. Despite being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, life gave her a hard kick in the tail. She has survived sexual assault, two divorces, piles of debt, abuse, religious mind games, the death of loved ones, and the loss of close friends.

In her debut memoir, Blooming: Finding Gifts in the Shit of Life, Carrington combines wit and wisdom to share her journey through the shit, with a positive attitude and a shift of mindset, into a life bursting with joy, opportunity, and purpose. A graduate of UT Austin and Tulane Law School, Carrington resides in Austin, Texas, with her two teenage boys.

In this episode, Mike and Carrington discuss: 

  • How changing your mindset can change your life
  • Why it’s better to stand out than to fit in
  • How sometimes we don’t really discover who we are until later in life
  • Why being given everything isn’t necessarily a blessing

“I like to say that we spend most of our life trying to fit in, and what God really intended us to do was to stand out. And so it’s really our differences that we need to celebrate, not our similarities.” — Carrington Smith

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