What do Andy Warhol and Julia Child have in common? They were both in Marilyn Moss Rockefeller’s life! Listen in as I uncork Marilyn’s unexpected journey into business, her resilience in facing challenges, her transformation from a mountain girl to CEO, and her emphasis on persistence and growth. This is one motivational episode of Uncorking a Story!

Meet Marilyn Moss Rockefeller

Marilyn Marilyn Moss is widely recognized as a successful and socially responsible business leader who cofounded Moss Tent Works with Bill Moss in 1975 and served as president and CEO of Moss Inc. until she sold the company in 2001. She joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about her life and memoir, Mountain Girl: From Barefoot to the Boardroom. 


Key Themes

  1. An Unexpected Journey into Business: Marilyn’s entry into the business world was not planned but rather a result of circumstances. She was pushed into running a business by her stepfather after her husband began running the company into the ground. Despite having no prior experience, Marilyn took on the challenge and eventually became a successful and socially responsible business leader.
  2. From Mountain Girl to Author: Marilyn’s journey from a small-town mountain girl to a successful author is an inspiring story. She shares her motivation for writing her memoir, Mountain Girl: From Barefoot to the Boardroom, which chronicles her life and experiences. Marilyn’s determination to share her story and inspire others is a key takeaway from the episode.
  3. Persistence and Growth: Marilyn emphasizes the importance of persistence and continuous growth. She shares how she rewrote her book multiple times, learning more about writing and herself with each revision. Marilyn’s advice to other writers to embrace editing and reediting highlights her commitment to personal and professional growth.


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