I have another confession to make, I hated reading newspapers when I was younger. They were always in black and white and just seemed so boring. Then I discovered the USA Today. They had pictures in color, and it was much easier to read than other newspapers. And don’t get me started on the purple section! I loved the purple section—it was always the first one I’d read!

Why am I sharing this? Well, today’s guest Laura Trujillo just happens to be the managing editor of the purple section for the USA Today. That’s right, the managing editor for Life and Entertainment at USA Today joined me to talk about her memoir: Stepping Back from the Ledge: A Daughter’s Search for Truth and Renewal.


Laura Tujillo is the managing editor for Life and Entertainment at USA Today and a former reporter and editor for The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Arizona Republic, and The Oregonian. In addition, she does advocacy work on behalf of suicide awareness.

How did her mother’s suicide impact her life? How Laura get back into writing after a long time away? How did she transform a column on her mother’s death into a memoir? Tune in to hear the answer to these questions as well as uncover the special story behind a picture of Laura’s grandmother and some of her friends.


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