I’ve had many different types of storytellers on Uncorking a Story including authors, comedians, and filmmakers. What I haven’t had yet is one of the most popular types of storytellers these days—fellow podcasters! That changes with today’s episode featuring Kathy Kay, the host of Strictly Anonymous

I came upon her show by accident. Over the past few years I’ve been on a self-improvement kick, part of which involves listening to podcasts by the likes of Lewis Howes, Brene Brown, and Brooke Castillo. While looking for something new to arouse my ears on long runs, I came across Kathy’s show.

I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to hear in Episode 411, but it’s true what they say—you never forget your first time. The episode’s headline was, “Peter Tried Swinging After His Divorce, and he’s Been Swinging Ever Since.” Now I knew something about “the lifestyle,” as swinging was a key plot point in my novel All the F*cks I Cannot Give and I had to do some research while writing that story. While the content of the episode was certainly provocative, the way Kathy guided the conversation and made “Peter” feel comfortable sharing his story left me wanting more after my listening refractory period was over.

I wanted to chat with Kathy to uncover how she came up with the idea for the show, take a deep dive into what she’s learned about people by hosting an advice show focused on sex, and talk about her autobiographical book, The Cartoon Misadventures of a Total Trainwreck. This is a fun conversation that you aren’t going to want to miss!

Be sure to check out Strictly Anonymous at http://strictlyanonymouspodcast.com/ or listen wherever you get your podcasts. For bonus content, including sexy (and anonymous) pictures of some of her guests, check out Kathy’s Patreon.

Happy listening!