Tim Murphy is the author of Correspondents and Christodora, which was long-listed for the 2017 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction and named a Best Book of the Year by The Guardian. He has also been a journalist for the past 25 years and joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about his career and latest novel, Speech Team. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Tim Murphy’s passion for writing: Throughout the conversation, Tim shares his unwavering dedication to writing and his journey as an author. Listeners will learn about his personal reflections on the impact of a beloved teacher, his struggles and break from fiction writing, and the lasting impact of HIV/AIDS on his life and work.
  2. The inspiration behind “Speech Team”: Tim discusses his novel, “Speech Team,” which explores the lives of four friends from high school. Listeners will gain insights into the personal experiences and memories that influenced the book, as well as the process of excavating one’s past for storytelling.
  3. Nostalgic reflections on pop culture: Tim takes a trip down memory lane, sharing nostalgic memories of childhood movies and the appeal of diva shade in 80s television repeats. Listeners will enjoy these moments of reflection and may find connections to their own experiences.
  4. The importance of personal growth and change: Tim discusses personal growth and change, both in his own life and in the lives of the characters in his novel. Listeners will gain insights into the transformative power of self-reflection and the impact of personal experiences on shaping one’s identity.


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