When I was early in my career, I had this recurring anxiety dream where all my teeth would fall out, one at a time. Later in my life, that dream morphed into being thrust back into high school unprepared for a test while naked (Freud would have a field day with me). These days, anxiety dreams take the form of doing down in a plane crash. Why am I sharing all of this? Today’s guest, Steve Fretzin, knows what it’s like to go down in a plane and survive—and that event changed the course of his life forever.


Steve Fretzin is the host of the Be That Lawyer podcast. After surviving a near death experience in a small plane crash in 1996, Steve vowed to turn each day into an extraordinary experience. Today, he is one of the most respected business leaders and advisers on sales effectiveness. Steve has transformed thousands of sales professionals, entrepreneurs and professional service practitioners into business development stars through his proprietary system of Sales-Free Selling. He joined me to talk about his life, career, and latest book Legal Business Development Isn’t Rocket Science.

How did he characterize his life before the plane crash? How did such a life changing event impact the trajectory of his career? What drew him to sales and to later become a successful sales trainer? Listen in to find the answer to these questions as well as enjoy a bit of nostalgia as Steve talks about his first sales job ever at Kinney Shoes.


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