On today’s episode of Uncorking a Story, Author Shannon Duncan discusses the use of psychedelics as a tool for healing trauma, particularly childhood trauma and complex PTSD. The conversation revolves around the idea that psychedelics can be used to unlock the subconscious and help individuals process their trauma in a way that traditional talk therapy may not be able to achieve. The speakers caution that finding a qualified therapist who is experienced in dealing with trauma and has done their own deep work on psychedelics is crucial, as there are many unqualified individuals operating in the gray market who can be dangerous. The conversation also touches on the recreational use of psychedelics and how it differs from their therapeutic use.

Meet Shannon Duncan

Shannon Duncan is an entrepreneur and the author of “Present Moment Awareness.” He  lives in California finding his way to an authentic expression of himself, including and especially his sense of humor, has been the most rewarding aspect of healing from trauma. He joins me today on Uncorking a Story to discuss his latest book, Coming Full Circle: Healing Trauma Using Psychedelics. Welcome to Uncorking a Story Shannon.


Key Topics

00:00:00 Introducing Shannon Duncan

00:05:21 Healing Trauma With Psychedelics – An Author’s Personal Journey

00:06:29 Personal Psychedelic Experimentation And Guided Sessions Lead To Growth And Healing for Shannon

00:10:08 The Concept Of Complex PTSD

00:11:23 Exploring Psychedelics as A Healing Option: A Discussion On Trauma And Therapy

00:16:41 Psychedelics as a Tool For Unlocking The Subconscious

00:19:51 Healing Through Psychedelics and Self-release

00:21:37 Healing Trauma And Using Psychedelics To Treat Addiction

00:25:40 Identifying Qualified Psychedelic Therapists In The Gray Market

00:27:04 Getting To Know Shannon Through Pop Culture: Tv Show Favorites With Shannon


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