“I have my wife as my ultimate support system. But as a man, it feels like you shouldn’t show weakness or talk about things that might make you vulnerable because you worry about what others will think. That’s why I decided to just go for it, to muster the courage to openly share my story. I committed to laying everything out there, telling my story in all its truth.” — Reggie Reed

Tune in to this emotionally charged episode to explore author Reggie Reed’s incredible journey of resilience, the role of storytelling in healing, and the indomitable spirit of facing life’s darkest moments with courage.

Meet Reggie Reed

Reginald L. Reed Jr. is an author and an accomplished professional in the Pharmaceutical industry. He joined me on Uncorking a Story to discuss his memoir, The Day My Mother Never Came Home, in which he recalls the events surrounding the unsolved murder of his mother and the subsequent indictment and trial of his father 32 years later. 

Key Topics:

  1. The Beginning of a Story: Reggie’s journey as an author began with the cold case of his mother’s murder and his father’s unexpected indictment years later, pushing him to combat his trauma through writing.
  2. Childhood Amidst Chaos: Growing up, Reggie experienced confusion and a sense of loss after his mother’s unsolved murder, grappling with the absence of a parental figure and the rumors surrounding his father’s involvement.
  3. Shocking News as an Adult: The revival of his mother’s murder case and his father’s indictment turned Reggie’s world upside down, challenging him to face old traumas and engage with a complex legal battle.
  4. The Trial’s Emotional Toll: Reggie describes the trial and his father’s sentencing as one of the worst experiences of his life, highlighting the emotional turmoil of seeing a loved one being taken away.
  5. Finding Healing Through Writing: Reggie embarked on writing his memoir as a means to process his trauma, share his story, and encourage others facing their struggles, emphasizing the therapeutic power of storytelling.
  6. The Impact of Family and Upbringing: Despite the adversity, Reggie speaks to the importance of breaking the cycle of trauma, striving for success, and the support system that helped him navigate his life’s challenges.
  7. A Message of Resilience and Hope: Reggie’s story is a compelling reminder of the strength found in vulnerability, the importance of telling one’s truth, and the unyielding power of love and forgiveness.


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