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Uncorking a Murder

A detective short on time due to his declining health races against the clock with Podcaster Farrah Graham and her assistant Jimmy Doubts to free an innocent man.

The Last Homily

A Catholic priest is murdered while celebrating mass in the resort village of Chatham, MA and it is up to Farrah Graham, host of the Uncorking a Murder podcast, to find out who did it and why, before the killer strikes again.

Motel California

The Motel California isn’t a lovely place—a fact that podcasters Farrah Graham and Jimmy Doubts learn the hard way when Jimmy is framed for the murder of an outlaw country artist hellbent on distancing himself from his past.

Slippery People

Greg James is a former investigative journalist seeking redemption by reuniting a Country singer with her birth father. When the father dies in a mysterious fire, Greg enlists the help of podcasters Farrah Graham and Jimmy Doubts for help.

All the F*cks I Cannot Give

After getting fired three weeks before Christmas, Kelly Carson learns how not giving a F*ck can be the path to self-enlightenment.

Winning Streak

Winning Streak is the story of how three lives intersect as each comes to learn critical lessons in order to heal from the pain of loss in their lives. 

Return to Casa Grande

A washed up 80s soap star is thrust back into the spotlight after an accidental appearance on a hit reality show.

The Ruin of Souls

Doctoral candidate Michael Corrigan is trying to reinvent himself while atoning for the sins of his past. When his dissertation advisor, Holocaust survivor Dr. Sam Shoah, goes missing, Michael decodes a cryptic message and uncovers a plot hatched by enemies of the United States.

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Long-Form Interviews

Do the Hustle

About this EpisodeWhile interviewing author Christina Sweeney-Baird about her debut novel The End of Men, I started thinking about how most authors, and other creators in the arts including comics...

Author Julie McGue

Julie Ryan McGueJulie Ryan McGue was born in Chicago, Illinois. She and her identical twin sister were adopted together. Her debut memoir, Twice a Daughter: A Search for Identity, Family, and...

Jim Carlon Part 2

Jim Carlon Part 2 of my interview with Jim Carlon about his book Conversation with a Desperate Man: A book for any man on the brink; and anyone who loves him.Host & Guest Mike Carlon Jim...

“Open Mike” Reflections

Overcoming Resentment

Resentment is poisonous2020 was a year that few of us would care to repeat under the same conditions. However, for me personally, it ended on a high note. Listen in to find out why and hear about ways to overcome resentment.Host & Guest Mike Carlon No guest, just...

Who’s in Your Corner?

Who’s in Your Corner?

A Story About Encouragement There are times in life when we want to break out and try something new. There are other times when we need the support of others to help get through a bump in the road. In both scenarios it's important to ask, who's in your corner?  Host...

Overcoming Limitations

Overcoming Limitations

Overcoming Limitations with Mary from Boston and Networking Coach Diane DarlingLast week I spoke with a Bostonian named Mary who took a trip to Jamaica during Covid where she was dubbed The White Oprah. Mary lives with Multiple Sclerosis and my conversation with her...

There’s Always a Yes

There’s Always a Yes

Recently, I caught up with my former boss and mentor Shelley Zalis who is probably the most positive person I’ve ever met in my life. In our conversation, she reminded me how important it is to go after what you want, to always get the deal (however the getting the...

Raise Your Hands

Raise Your Hands

This week, while doing some interviews for a travel client, I met a young man named Matthew who reminded me that there is joy in service.  My conversation with him got me to thinking about how my mother, the church lady of Stamford, CT, would “volunteer” me and my...

Playing Against Type

Playing Against Type

Last week I reconnected with an old college friend, Kevin Savage, who recently published a blog post that got me to thinking about the things that are really important in life. It also reminded me of some conversations I had with three strangers who reminded me how...

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