About P. David Ebersole: He is an award-winning independent filmmaker and television director working in both narrative and documentary. 

His credits include the documentary HIT SO HARD (2012) about drummer Patty Schemel of the seminal grunge band Hole. Along with his husband and business partner Todd Hughes, he is Executive Producer and Director of several documentaries including the new, MY NAME IS LOPEZ (2021) about trailblazing Latino rock and roller Trini Lopez. 

His debut novel, 99 Miles From LA, is a fast-paced, noir caper with a fresh twist. It has everything you want a crime story to have, including a bi-sexual love triangle and more double-crosses than Pulp Fiction!

In this episode, Mike and P. David discuss: 

  • David’s background as a filmmaker and making the transition to becoming a novelist
  • How winning an award can change your life
  • The author’s motivation for making a documentary about Patty Schemel’s life
  • Palm Strings as the setting of 99 Miles from L.A.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Winning an award can serve as validation that someone else appreciates what you’re doing and believes you’ll succeed. Validation is important for storytellers of all stripes.
  • Choose a life story that deals with a person’s struggles and how he overcomes them, or a societal issue. These are extremely relatable to the general public and have the potential to move people’s hearts and minds.
  • Being a part of a community and being immersed in its system, culture, and visual elements can inspire you to choose that location as the setting for your story.

“Just do it…someone will always say something to you that will make you stop. So, the important thing is you’ve got to power through, you gotta get through, you got to get to the end, and then you can go back.” – P. David Ebersole

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