Some may believe that an author’s superpower is in the ability to string the right words together, in the right order, and use correct punctuation. While all of that is important, I believe that their real superpower is in their ability to experience an everyday event and feel compelled to reflect, write about it, and share it with others. Today’s guest on Uncorking a Story, Meg Stafford, has been doing that for a quarter of a century and joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about her career and latest book Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart.

Meet Meg Stafford

Meg Stafford is a writer who loves exploration of all kinds, and this time she takes us along for the ride. For 25 years she has been observing how small, remarkable moments enrich our lives in her monthly newspaper column, “A Moment’s Notice.” As a social worker in private practice, she’s been helping others negotiate the terrain of relationships and connections for over 35 years. Her 2011 memoir, Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C, won six literary awards for its engrossing and hilarious portrayal of surviving and thriving after a life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer. 

Key Topics:

  1. How she got bit by the writing bug at the age of three.
  2. How her compulsion to write led to writing Op-Eds for her local newspaper, which blossomed into a monthly column.
  3. How writing about her cancer journey was therapeutic and led to a multiple award winning book.
  4. Why Meg chose to write about the experiences she had with her daughters joining them on trips to Nepal and Columbia.

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