“Be quick to forgive yourself. It’s hard to do, but be quick to forgive people around you. We’re going to disappoint ourselves, and people are going to disappoint us. Just forgive, get over it. Don’t let a mistake ruin a relationship—it’s not worth it. The relationship is so much more.” — Link Forester

Join us in this powerful episode of Uncorking a Story with  Link Forester, an author whose life is a testament to finding joy and purpose through unexpected challenges. From early parenthood and career changes to personal tragedies, Link shares how these experiences have shaped his life and inspired his writing. Dive into an intimate conversation filled with laughter, wisdom, and the courage to face life’s curveballs.

Meet Link Forester

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Link Forester possesses a rare blend of humility, faith, and a good sense of humor—all of which have enabled him to grow through the trials of becoming a parent much earlier than planned, a risky career change, and the tragic death of a son. After graduating from Auburn University, Link began his career in sales at IBM. Five years later he took a leap of faith into the financial services industry, where he continues to lead a thriving financial planning and wealth management business. He joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about his life and new book The Side Road: Finding Joy and Purpose Through the Twists and Turns of Life.

Key Themes: 

  1. Overcoming Adversity: Link discusses how unexpected challenges, such as becoming a parent in college and losing a child, taught him the strength of overcoming adversity. He shares insights on navigating these difficulties with grace and resilience.
  2. The Power of Resilience: Resilience shines through as Link recounts his journey from a safe job at IBM to venturing into the precarious world of financial services, emphasizing the importance of tenacity and belief in one’s abilities in the face of potential failure.
  3. The Art of Storytelling: As a natural storyteller, Link illuminates the conversation with engaging anecdotes from his life, showing how storytelling can captivate, educate, and connect us more deeply to our shared human experiences.
  4. Faith and Coping: Faith plays a central role in how Link has coped with life’s curveballs. He speaks on the solace and strength he finds in his spiritual beliefs, which have guided him through his darkest times and helped him make sense of life’s inexplicable turns.
  5. The Dynamics of Family and Relationships: Link delves into the dynamics of maintaining strong family bonds and relationships through various life stages, discussing the joys and challenges of raising children, supporting a partner, and staying connected with extended family.
  6. Career Transitions and Risk-Taking: Link’s career trajectory from a stable corporate position to establishing a successful business in the volatile financial sector illustrates the risks and rewards of following one’s entrepreneurial spirit and adapting to new professional landscapes.


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