“Poetry is a gift from the Divine, a voice from ancestors, expressing profound truths and deep emotions.” – Lauren Martin

In today’s episode of Uncorking a Story we sit down with Lauren Martin, a psychotherapist, poet, and a devoted Ìyânífá. She shares her journey from discovering her poetic voice in sixth grade to compiling her latest collection, Night of the Hawk. Through a conversation that spans her experiences with shamanism, overcoming personal struggles, and the therapeutic power of writing, Lauren offers a unique perspective on life, creativity, and healing.

Key Themes:

  1. Early Beginnings in Poetry: Lauren recalls her unexpected start in poetry during sixth grade, when a simple essay led her to discover her poetic talent.
  2. Shamanic Journey: She discusses her lifelong spiritual experiences, from seeing ghosts as a child to her deep exploration of shamanism and its impact on her life and work.
  3. Struggles and Recovery: Lauren opens up about her battles with substance abuse during her adolescence and how these challenges shaped her path as both a poet and a psychotherapist.
  4. Night of the Hawk: Insights into her latest poetry collection, which was compiled during a lengthy recovery from a spinal injury, exploring themes of illness, family dynamics, and spiritual experiences.
  5. Therapeutic Practice and Poetry: The intersection of her work as a psychotherapist and poet, emphasizing the role of storytelling and writing in healing and personal growth.
  6. Women and Aging: A discussion on societal perceptions of aging women, the pressure to conform to beauty standards, and the importance of intellectual and creative contributions from women at all stages of life.
  7. Living with Spiritual Gifts: How Lauren navigates her spiritual gifts in daily life, setting boundaries, and finding peace amidst the challenges.

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