About Jim Young: Jim is on a personal mission to help men defeat burnout. He does this through his coaching business where he is known as The Centered Coach, and is also doing it through his new book entitled Expansive Intimacy: How Tough Guys Defeat Burnout.

In this episode, Mike and Jim discuss: 

  • Staking a claim to who you are. 
  • The multiple paths we take in life. 
  • Taking a risk to open yourself to vulnerability. 
  • Embracing the youness. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • You don’t have to know what you want to do at 18. That’s crazy! You will find yourself as you live your life and learn who you are. 
  • Burnout can feel different to everyone. Listen to your body and your mental health and be willing to take the actions needed to help yourself, even if it is terrifying. 
  • You cannot connect with everybody. Be honest, be authentic, and be yourself and you will connect with those who you are meant to be around. 
  • You have something nobody else has and that is all that you need. 

“If there’s a secret weapon, it’s dealing with the really uncomfortable feelings of shame.” – Jim Young

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