Carl Ficks has introduced me to many fantastic guests who have appeared on Uncorking a Story over the years. Today, it is his turn to sit in the hot seat! Listen in as we discuss his contribution to an anthology of essays on loss, courage, and personal transformation alongside the book’s co-editor Rosemary Ravinal.  

Meet Carl Ficks & Rosemary Ravinal

Carl Ficks, Jr., JD works with leaders to increase their effectiveness and their teams to boost engagement and productivity. Rosemary Ravinal is a public speaking and presentations coach who helps business leaders reach their fullest potential as communicators. They joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about their book The Difference, Essays on Loss, Courage, and Personal transformation which was co-edited by Rosemary Ravinal and Achim Nowak.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Power of Stories: This episode highlights the transformative power of storytelling in people’s lives. It explores how stories of loss, courage, and personal transformation can inspire and impact both the storyteller and the audience.
  2. Collaboration and Connection: This episode emphasizes the importance of collaboration and connection in the creative process. Carl and Rosemary discuss how their friendship and shared experiences led to the creation of their essay collection. They also mention the value of feedback and support from others in shaping their work.
  3. Embracing Authenticity: This episode encourages individuals to embrace their true voice and be authentic in their storytelling. It emphasizes the significance of breaking free from societal expectations and being true to oneself, even if it means challenging the status quo.
  4. Grief and Resilience: We delve into the themes of grief and resilience, exploring how personal losses can shape individuals and their stories. It highlights the importance of acknowledging and processing grief while finding strength and resilience to move forward.
  5. Personal Growth and Reflection: Throughout the episode, there is a focus on personal growth and self-reflection. Carl and Rosemary discuss how the process of writing and sharing their stories allowed them to learn more about themselves and their own journeys. It emphasizes the transformative nature of self-expression and the power of introspection.


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