For anyone out there who feels crippling stage fright before having to perform in front of an audience, this episode is for you! Today’s guest, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author Elma Linz Kanefield, not only opens up about her own history with stage fright but tells us what we can do about it! She recently joined me on Uncorking a Story to discuss her life and latest book, Hamlet’s Mirror: Reaching Your Performance Potential Onstage and Off. 

Meet Elma Linz Kanefield

Elma succumbed to debilitating stage fright as a young performer which left her voice… silent. However, rather than remain devastated and at the effect of her fear, she transformed her fright into her life’s calling and became a specialist in the psychology of the performing artist. She joins me today to talk about her life and new book 

Welcome to Uncorking a Story Elma.

Key Topics:

  1. How experiencing crippling stage fright at the age of 19 put her life on a path that she never anticipated.
  2. Her decision to help other performers with anxiety around performing.
  3. The differences between feeling nervous and crippling stage fright.
  4. Advice for budding and experienced performers alike.
  5. Why Elma feels as if she found her calling in life.


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