Edward Carey is a novelist, visual artist, and playwright. His previous novels include The Swallowed Man, which was a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice, Little, Alva & Irva, and Observatory Mansions. He joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about his career and latest novel, Edith Holler.

Key Themes

  1. Edward’s Creative Journey: Edward Carey’s journey as a multifaceted artist began with his passion for drawing as a child. He explored various artistic mediums, including visual art, playwriting, and novel writing.
  2. Embracing Vulnerability in Writing: Edward emphasizes the importance of embracing vulnerability as a writer. He believes that even in fiction, writers reveal a part of themselves on the page, allowing readers to connect with their subconscious thoughts and emotions.
  3. The Intense Relationship Between Writers and Characters: Edward discusses the deep connection between writers and their characters. He believes that writers must surrender control and allow their characters to guide the story, creating a more authentic and compelling narrative.
  4. Unleashing Creativity through Theater and Writing: Edward shares his experience of combining theater and writing to create a unique and empowering creative process. He highlights the power of storytelling and how it can be used to address important social issues.
  5. Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places: Edward reveals how the pandemic unexpectedly influenced his latest novel, “Edith Holler.” 


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