Not pictured Sadie, Reilly, and Murphy

Sixty years ago today, my mother and father were married at Holy Family Church in New Rochelle, NY. The events of that day would produce four children, nine grandchildren, and four granddogs.

From my parents’ example I have learned many truths about marriage; the workload isn’t always balanced (but over time everything typically evens itself out), the road isn’t always smooth (but that doesn’t mean it can never be repaired), and when you put family first, everything else falls into perspective.

I created this video as a gift to my parents on their sixtieth wedding anniversary and if you watch the show This is Us on NBC, you’ll recognize the music. I’m not as good with words as my brother Jimmy, as handsome as my brother Gregory, or a swimming champion like my sister Mia, so I have to use the limited talents I have to express my sentiments on this monumental day. My filmmaker friend Joe Indusi is fond of saying, “If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million.” I’m not sure if the two minute and thirty second video below hits the million word mark, but it serves as a testament of all that Don and Arlene created with the start of their marriage sixty years ago today.


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