Diane Gilman found her greatest success at age sixty, when she sparked a denim revolution by designing blue jeans for real women with real bodies. She’s sold nearly nineteen million pairs of her DG2 jeans on HSN and created a sisterhood of seven hundred thousand women who feel too young to be old. She joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about her memoir, Too Young to Be Old: How to Stay Vibrant, Visible, and Forever in Blue Jeans: 25 Secrets from TV’s Jean Queen.

Key Topics

  1. Diane Gilman’s Journey: Diane Gilman’s life journey involves aspects such as dressing rock stars, moving to New York without a safety net, designing a product that solved a problem for millions of women worldwide, and battling cancer, reflecting the diverse and challenging experiences she has faced.
  2. Family Expectations and Personal Choice: Diane Gilman was shunned by her family for not following the expected path of marrying a nice Jewish doctor and becoming a housewife and mother like her cousin. She felt a calling to fashion from a very young age and had to make a tough choice between pursuing fashion and meeting her family’s expectations, ultimately choosing fashion and becoming a successful fashion designer.
  3. Overcoming Lack of Support: The conversation also addresses the lack of support and motivation for individuals with dreams of writing a book. The podcast host acknowledges that some aspiring authors may not have the support they need and encourages them to pursue their dreams despite the odds and lack of support.
  4. Power of Persistence and Community: There is a message of persistence and the importance of finding a supportive community, such as writing groups and like-minded individuals, to motivate and push individuals to keep pursuing their goals and improve as writers.


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