Diane Danvers Simmons is a born-and-raised Brit who moved to America in her late twenties for business and success. After an accomplished career as a senior vice president at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and then Omnicom Media in London, New York, and LA, she became a mother. Drawing from her advertising and marketing skills, Chopra center teachings, and life experiences, Diane transitioned her skills into female-empowerment activism through speaking engagements, workshops, writing, film, online communities, and mentorship in the USA and globally. She joined me on Uncorking a Story to talk about her life and memoir, My Mother Next  Door.

Key Themes

  1. The importance of empathy and understanding in relationships: Diane mentions gaining a new appreciation and depth of empathy through their experiences, highlighting the significance of understanding others’ perspectives.
  2. Acceptance of parents’ limitations: The conversation touches upon the idea of accepting and acknowledging the limitations of one’s parents, recognizing that they are human beings with their own hopes and dreams.
  3. The impact of societal movements on personal relationships: Diane talks about how her  mother’s desire to be part of the women’s movement in the late seventies parallels their own experiences and the evolving dynamics between mothers and daughters.
  4. The significance of foundational relationships: The conversation emphasizes that every relationship begins with our mothers, highlighting the importance of understanding and exploring these foundational connections.
  5. The therapeutic nature of storytelling: Diane describes her book as a cathartic and therapeutic experience, allowing her  to shed the weight they were carrying and find spiritual forgiveness. This highlights the power of storytelling as a means of healing and personal growth.


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