The sparks that ignite story ideas are almost always rooted in experience, emotion, and curiosity. Today’s guest on Uncorking a Story, award winning author Cheryl A. Head, discusses how the murder of George Floyd served as the flashpoint for her latest novel, Time’s Undoing. Along the way she discusses how the murder of her own grandfather had her following her own curiosity back in time and inspired her to write a dual timeline story.

Meet Cheryl A Head
Cheryl A. Head is a writer, television producer, and broadcast executive. She is an Anthony Award nominee, a two-time Lambda Literary Award finalist, a three-time Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist, and winner of the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. Her books are included in the Detroit Public Library’s African American Booklist and in the Special Collections of the Library of Michigan.

Key Topics:

  1. Why the murder of George Floyd was the flashpoint to starting Time’s Undoing.
  2. How Cheryl tapped into her own family’s tragic mystery when writing this novel.
  3. The challenges of writing dual timelines.
  4. The importance of knowing your history.
  5. Why write what you know isn’t always the best advice.

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