I am in Charlotte this week for some focus groups and in home interviews / shop a longs. I am looking hard for this Southern Hospitality thing I have heard about, but thus far it has been elusive.

I checked into my hotel yesterday morning which apparently had a sauerkraut cook-off earlier in the day because every floor smelled like my grandma Carlon’s signature dish; she was part German although we don’t admit to that lineage.

Then I had a rude woman in a focus group last night. I had a hard time actually hearing what she said because the entire time I was looking at her, I was fantasizing that she was the size 14 at the bottom of Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb’s well in The Silence of the Lambs.

Today I will be driving all over the greater Charlotte area and will hopefully have some pleasant experiences to write about during the remainder of this trip. That said, the unpleasant ones are, perhaps, more entertaining aren’t they?