Today, we have a real treat for fans of US History. Today’s guest, Sewall Menzel, Ph.D., drops a bombshell about how President Roosevelt, playing the role of the Fox, provoked the Japanese to attack the United States at Pearl Harbor. More importantly, he also explains why. 

Meet Sewall Menzel, Ph.D.

Dr. Menzel is a career Army officer and university professor whose latest book, The Pearl Harbor Secret: Why Roosevelt Undermined the U.S. Navy, relies on recently declassified documents to reshape our thinking as to what Pearl Harbor really was all about. His findings challenge the history books and is the only comprehensive book on the Pearl Harbor attack that digs into declassified documents, as well as the diaries and notes of key players, that answers the question, “Why did Pearl Harbor happen?”

Key Topics:

  1. Why the only son of two Chicago based artists decided to attend college at The Citadel in 1964.
  2. Dr. Menzel’s extensive military career including his time as an Army Ranger in Vietnam and the time he spent in Latin America.
  3. How Dr. Menzel observed that much of the early history of certain wars is inaccurate, and how that fueled his desire to uncover the truth about Pearl Harbor.
  4. How an encounter at the Roosevelt Archives gave Dr. Menzel the insight into how and why Pearl Harbor really happened.
  5. How the US was able to track the Imperial Japanese Navy on their way to Pearl Harbor and why Admiral Kimmel was setup to be the fall guy.

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