As many of you know, I interview people for a living. It’s not a bad gig really – I get to travel, listen to interesting stories, and consult with my clients on what it all means.  To quote my father, “You get paid for that?”  Yes, I do dad. And sometimes within 60 days!

I meet people from all walks of life, most of whom are what I would call within the range of normal. They think before they speak and when they do speak they make sense.  Others, however, are a bit, how shall I say, off.

A few weeks ago I was on the left side of the country interviewing people about their experiences on a website.  I thought I had heard it all until one person told me that she has been using the web since before it existed (the proof is attached and even though I have a video release from this person I have disguised her).  Just say it to yourself, “I have been using the Web before it existed.”

Perhaps she is a time traveler in some kind of reverse back to the future fantasy whereby she leaves the 50s in an Allard K2 only to find herself rubbing elbows with Al Gore in the early 90s (Martina McFly?). Or perhaps she is one of those people who is so self absorbed that stuff like this comes out of her own mouth yet her supreme level of self absorption clouds the absurdity of the statement.  I challenge you all to somehow work in the line “I was using ____ before it existed” to see if anyone calls you on it.

I am not sure why I am on such a rant today – perhaps I am so self absorbed that I had to write about something (because you all love hearing from me right?).