About Sascha: Sascha is an Emmy-nominated screenwriter, who has written and produced lauded shows such as GLOW, The Bold Type, The Baby-Sitters Club, and The Carrie Diaries.  In 2015, she was named one of Variety’s “10 TV Writers to Watch.” Rothchild has written for LA Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, Elle, and the Miami Herald, and adapted her article, “How to Get Divorced by 30” into both a memoir and a screenplay for Universal Studios. Blood Sugar, her fiction debut, is a dark and utterly delicious noir thriller.

In this episode, Mike and Sascha discuss:

  • How Sascha’s writing journey began
  • Differences between writing for television and writing a novel
  • Sascha’s fiction debut, Blood Sugar
  • Receiving notes as a TV writer 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Having a passion for writing is important, but it is your own will and perseverance to follow that path that will make you a great writer.
  • Breaking into the world of writing for television is not easy. You must start at the bottom and be persistent, as well as work on your networking skills and try to enjoy the process until you climb the ladder and become a showrunner.
  • What-ifs can be turned into great stories. All you have to do is follow your curiosity and swirl it into a plot while infusing your imagination into its structure.
  • There are people who will give you notes, and they are often correct. A good writer does not become defensive when receiving notes; instead, they take them in and make it better.

“Sit down and write because everyone has an idea in the middle of the night, everyone thinks they have an idea for a movie or book. But unless you write it down, you’re not a writer.” – Sascha Rothchild

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