Patricia Fuqua is the founder of Dating Diamonds, a service that empowers women to meet the right man the second time around and is the creator of the 1st Date to Soulmate Program. Since 2008, she’s helped over 500 women meet the right man by designing a personalized plan that she helps them implement. She’s polished the art of relationship in her 40-year marriage to her soulmate husband.

Her clients can be found in major cities including Sydney, Washington D. C., Sacramento, and San Francisco.  She mentors women to use the story of their lives to create the relationship they choose the second time around. She holds coaching credentials from the Academy of Excellence as well as the Wanless Institute and is a certified Matchmaker with the Matchmakers Institute.

Earlier this year her book Second Time Around: How to Date Your Right Man (2018) was published. Her first book, Manifesting Your Soulmate, was published in 2008. Both can be found on You can reach out to Patricia by visiting her LinkedIn profile.