In life, we often have to pivot to become the person we are meant to be. This insight hit me like a slap in the face when I spoke with Lauren McBrayer about her debut novel.

About Lauren: Lauren McBrayer is a graduate of Yale with a law degree from UC Berkeley. A working mom of three, she is the head of business affairs for a television network in Los Angeles.Like a House on Fire is her adult debut.

In this episode, Mike and Lauren discuss: 

  • Having someone in your life who will push you to be your best
  • Curiosity for the characters you are writing
  • Pivoting during the writing process
  • The importance of love winning

Key Takeaways: 

  • Having someone in your life who encourages and pushes you to do better or be your best is critical to becoming the writer you were meant to be.
  • Sometimes we unknowingly become intrigued by the characters we are writing because they are, in a strange way, a part of us talking to ourselves. When we listen to this inner voice, we discover insights into ourselves.
  • It’s inevitable to change your mind while writing, especially when you’re immersed in the characters and the plot’s turning point. It is okay (and expected) to deviate from your initial outline.
  • Letting love win is about finding peace, contentment, and genuine happiness by accepting and displaying your true self, even if it means letting go of the life you worked so hard to build.

“If you can write something that serves you personally, it changes the whole ballgame.” – Lauren McBrayer 

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