Sometimes when I’m writing I get into what I call “The Zone.” Time seems to stop and I’m only pulled out of it when my presence is missed, which is a nice way of saying someone is yelling at me to rejoin the family. Lauren Forsythe calls this catching a wave, and I’m totally stealing that metaphor.

Meet Lauren Forsythe:

By day, Lauren is a content marketing manager, finding ways to get writing into people’s eagerly waiting eye-holes, and by night…well it’s the same thing, but with more wine. Lauren writes books about strong women, men with pretty eyelashes, and friends that save your life. She recently joined me on Uncorking a Story to discuss her career and latest book, the Fixer Upper. 

Key Topics:

  1. The path to publishing her debut novel, including collaborating with her agent.
  2. How the imbalance of labor she noticed between men and women working from home during the pandemic inspired the ideas behind her debut.
  3. How being silly and joyful are great ways of feeding one’s inner child and (fueling one’s creativity).
  4. Why we should stop wasting time on fear and doubt when it comes to writing and simply write what we love to read regardless of what other people tell us.

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