There is no doubt that the combination of Covid and what is going on in cities throughout the country has created more than the usual amount of stress in most of us.  Add to that politics – not matter what side of the aisle you are on – and you have a recipe for overwhelming stress. With us today to discuss invisible disabilities – and a way to help you and yours deal with stress – is the Executive Director of the Invisible Disabilities® Association, Jess Stainbrook.

Jess is known for building successful media teams and championing significant visual storytelling efforts through innovative programming and strategic business initiatives. In the broadcast television field, Jess has received 8 Emmy Awards and 29 nominations and his clients include MTV, ESPN, PBS, Discovery Channel, A&E and others.  He has produced and directed major sports programming at events such as the Olympics, World Cup Skiing, Formula 1 Grand Prix, NASCAR, and the NFL Super Bowl. In late 2019, Jess launched IDA’s new Video Podcast, The Invisible No More® Show.   

Listen in as we discuss how his curiosity as a child led him to a career as an Emmy Award winning filmmaker and how being questioned by the KGB led to a significant spiritual conversion. We also talk about the Love Ideas Summit: Exploring the Heart of Relationships which is produced  by the Invisible Disabilities® Association and runs from November 16th-20th. The event is aims to provide resources to help all relationships including couples, families, friends, co-workers, caregivers and business partners. Online, on-demand content will be added daily. Watch at your leisure and pace, anytime over the summit week. Tickets are complimentary and you can register here.

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Enjoy the show.