I seriously thought I was the only person on the planet who remembered the show Small Wonder, but today’s guest proved me wrong! As part of getting to the story behind the story, I ask my guests a series of questions about what they were into as kids. One of my go-to questions is, “What were some of your favorite TV shows when you were younger.” James Crews surprised the hell out of me when he mentioned Small Wonder, and a friendship was born.


James Crews is the editor of the best-selling anthology, How to Love the World, which has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, as well as in The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post. He is the author of four prize-winning collections of poetry: The Book of What Stays, Telling My Father, Bluebird, and Every Waking Moment, and his poems have been published in the New York Times, Ploughshares, The New Republic, and The Sun Magazine.

His new collection, THE PATH TO KINDNESS, offers more than 100 poems of connection and joy from a diverse range of voices.

How can poetry be a way of connecting with others and spreading kindness? What’s the importance and influence of poetry? What are reflective pauses and how can they help readers get more out of poems? Listen in to hear the answers to these questions and enjoy a poem read by James!


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