Maria Fauci was my grandmother and one of the strongest women this world has ever known but she was not strong enough to beat cancer. She died just shy of Mother’s day in 1992 and just a few weeks before my high school graduation.

Randy Cappiello was probably the second strongest woman I have known in my life. She died after a brief battle with cancer – she was barely 56 years old.

Declan Ratner is the young son of a friend of mine from high school. He is currently fighting Leukemia.

Jean Stobbie and Jack Stobbie recently celebrated 50 years of marriage. The following day after celebrating this golden anniversary with their family, the family was informed that Jean had terminal cancer. She died a month later.

Kim Hart is my best friend’s younger sister. She is battling brain cancer for the second time. “Chemo sucks,” is her favorite phrase these days.

Kevin Sutton was the Assistant Vice Principal of Student affairs at Trinity Catholic High School. He lost his battle with cancer this morning. He was my age.

Every single one of you knows somebody who has been affected by cancer. It kills without discrimination. It’s time to turn the tables and sentence cancer to death.

Perhaps it’s too lofty a goal. Perhaps you are reading this and scratching your head wondering, “What can I do?”

More than you think.

This Sunday, June 6, I will be participating in the 15th Annual Hope in Motion – Walk, Run & Ride to benefit Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Cancer Center. Help me fight this killer by pledging what you can – no amount is too small.

If you cannot make a financial donation, please pray for all of those who are participating, that we may finish the event safely.

Pray for the families of those who have lost a loved one to cancer. For those who celebrate bittersweet holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s day feeling as if something is missing.

Pray for all those battling cancer and for the repose of all souls who have died from cancer.

Pray that fewer people will have to sit across from a doctor who likely starts the conversation no one wants to have with the words, “Thank you for coming in, have a seat. The news is not good.”

Pray for the research scientists who will be using the money raised from this event to help find a cure for this killer.

Pray for your families and all those close to you that they may never have to feel a lump and wonder to themselves, “what if?”

May God continue to bless you all.