A Man’s Search for Meaning

by | Jan 7, 2021

Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl believed that those who survived the atrocities of living in a concentration camp did so mostly because they somehow found meaning in what they were going through. He would go on to state that it is important to find meaning in three areas: work, love, and finding courage in the face of danger.

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Mike Carlon

Fr. Dave Dwyer

Gay Hendricks

Jess Stainbrook



About This Episode

I was introduced to the work of Viktor Frankl as an undergraduate student studying psychology. His book, Man’s Search for Meaning, is divided into two parts; the first is a memoir of his experiences living in a concentration camp during World War II and the second details his theory of Logotherapy, which involves identifying a purpose in life to feel positive about and then immersively imagining that outcome.

He’s adamant that, in order to lead a fulfilling life, we must find meaning in three areas: work, love, and in finding courage in the face of danger. In this episode, I uncork stories from three people who have done just that.

  • Fr. Dave Dwyer left a promising career in the entertainment industry behind to become a priest.
  • Author, psychologist, and speaker Gay Hendricks reflects on how he met the love of his life.
  • Emmy award winning filmmaker Jess Stainbrook recounts the time when he exhibited courage in the face of danger after being detained by the KGB.

Throughout the episode, I recount my own struggles in these areas and challenge you to reflect on how you might be able to find meaning in work, love, and courage.

Thanks for listening.

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