Erin Boardman Wathen is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a Food Addiction Counselor (INFACT). She’s a Certified Spinning® Instructor (STAR 3), Vinyasa Yoga instructor (200 Hour) and Classical Pilates instructor. She’s also the author of Why Can’t I Stick to my Diet, a book that uses an addiction based model to help readers understand why diets are so hard to stick to and how to live the rest of their lives while not being on a diet (while still maintaining weight loss). Readers will uncover how to ditch the diet mentality for good by keeping to her specialized food plan and if that sounds overwhelming, have no fear – Erin provides the tools for combating any food obstacle.

I caught up with Erin recently and we discussed what drove her to write this book and how she developed a unique approach to thinking about sugar as an addiction; albeit one that is more powerful than any other chemical addiction. You’ll hear her talk about the time she started her first diet in her early teens as well as the struggles she had with sugar well into adulthood. You’ll also hear some very personal and motivational stories about how cutting sugar has changed her life for the better.

You can learn more about Erin by visiting her website at I highly recommend that you follow her video blog, which can be seen on her website, as her videos are not only informative, but also creative and highly entertaining.

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