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While interviewing author Christina Sweeney-Baird about her debut novel The End of Men, I started thinking about how most authors, and other creators in the arts including comics and actors, have to work additional jobs long before they can earn a living off of their art. Christina herself is a lawyer (but I don’t think she’ll have to practice law for long as she’s quite a gifted writer).

Her full story will be shared in April closer in to her book’s publication date. For now, though, her story got me thinking about the importance of living a dual life and hustling when you are just starting to explore your passion in the arts. It also reminded me of a character I created—Kelly Carson—who was leading a secret life but just didn’t know it. You see, he had a secret identity hiding just beneath the surface and it took a fiery red headed actress on the run to bring it out his inner Superman. His name is Kelly Carson and he’s the protagonist in All the F*ucks I Cannot Give

The audio book recently came out and I wanted to share the first few chapters with you here. If you like what you hear, please consider buying it on either Amazon or Audible. Mike Dawson did a great job with the narration and really brought the story to life.

Note, if you want to skip ahead to the audiobook chapters and bypass my intro, feel free to jump to the 11-minute mark.

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