I remember being in business school and learning about successful founders who left college to start their businesses without a degree. People like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Steve Jobs. There’s another name to add to the list—Chandler Bolt, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his latest book Published: The Proven Path From Blank Page to 10,000 Copies Sold.

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As a seven-time bestselling author and CEO of Self-Publishing School and selfpublishing.com, Chandler Bolt knows exactly how instrumental writing books can be in sharing your message and even growing and scaling your business. His message is that you can’t wait for the “perfect time” in life to get writing, the perfect time to get writing is now.

He’s an investor, the CEO of Self-Publishing School & SelfPublishing.com, made it on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and the host of the 7 Figure Principles Podcast and the Self Publishing School Podcast. Through his books, podcasts, YouTube channels, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people write a book that grows their income, impact, and business.

Why did he drop out of college? How did he publish his first book? What is the secret to becoming a best-selling author? Listen in as Chandler discusses this and shares the backstory behind the Self Publishing School.

Purchcase Chandler’s latest book at Amazon and you learn more about Chandler at his website. Follow him on Instagram @self_publishing_school.

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