About Carleton Eastlake: Carleton graduated from UCLA with degrees in political science and psychology and graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School with a concentration in law and the social sciences. After a career in public policy and consumer protection law, being hired on Steven Spielberg’s series seaQuest confirmed him as a television writer and producer.  He has shared an Edgar and Saturn Awards and is a former board member of the Writers Guild of America West and a past president of PEN Center USA and he is here today to talk about his book Monkey Business.

In this episode, Mike and Carleton discuss: 

  • The importance of having people who recognize your potential
  • The truth about being a television writer
  • Carleton’s book, Monkey Business

Key Takeaways: 

  • Having a strong network of supportive people who recognize your potential helps in bringing out the best in you, which absolutely influences your success.
  • Writing a novel is a lot different than writing for a TV series. The former is a very isolated process while the latter is more of a group effort.
  • Working in show business is not always as glamorous as we imagine. It also has an underside, particularly when the show is run by a toxic team of producers vying for primate superiority.

“There’s politics everywhere because we are noisy monkeys – we are very smart apes and we have all the dominance moves, all those impulses pushing on our consciousness to find expression.” – Carleton Eastlake

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