About Ashleigh Renard: As a figure skating coach and choreographer, Ashleigh Renard spent two decades building trust and fostering teamwork, growing her synchronized skating organization to one of the biggest in the world. Now she offers support and encouragement to millions of couples every week through her lifestyle blog and coaching practice. She also co-hosts a podcast for content creators looking to grow their platform. She’s here with us today to discuss her newest book, Keeping it Hot: The Workbook.

In this episode, Mike and Ashleigh discuss: 

  • The motivation behind writing Keeping it Hot, the Workbook
  • The role uncovering your own needs plays in building intimacy
  • How intimacy outside the bedroom can lead to intimacy inside the bedroom
  • How to speak openly and honestly about your needs

Key Takeaways: 

  • Bringing the spark back to the relationship should be fun, not a fight.
  • Self-awareness, or knowing what you want from yourself and a partner, is crucial in every relationship. The first step to finding out what you want is to allow yourself to listen to your inner voice and then practice self-care.
  • There’s nothing wrong with discussing your sexual desires with your partner. You can’t expect them to know what you want unless you tell them. Sharing your true feelings gives them permission to do the same.
  • Being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t have intimate time with your partner or yourself. Planning is everything—take the time to continually invest in your relationship and your kids will grow up with a better understanding of romantic love.

“Both people in the partnership need time to themselves. They need time to be in their body, they need time to laugh with friends, they need time to really do the things that they love. They need some time for that or else they’re not going to have any empathy for the other person who also needs something.” – Ashleigh Renard 

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