Today we say our final goodbye to a very special family member, Arthur Verses. I’ll explain the relationship so you understand; my wife Nicole has a brother named Pete. Pete Married Karen. Karen’s mother Joann married Arthur Verses.

arthur and family

In total, Arthur had nine grandchildren but we could easily add 3 more to the list; our children Grace, Patrick, and Maggie felt as if Arthur was another grandfather to them and this was evident when we told them the news that he was very sick and even more evident by the tears they shed when we broke the news that Papou (Greek for grandfather) had passed away.

Arthur was a Stamford native; it was rare to go somewhere with him and not run into a few people he knew or a family member (I believe he was one of 14 children). He was very proud of his family especially his sons Nico and Soc who he always referred to affectionately. He usually made a point of reminding me how successful his boys were even though they majored in racquetball in college.

Right before I got married I purchased a new car; a silver VW Passat. I drove it over to my brother-in-law’s house where the family was hosting a bridal shower for my wife. Arthur loved the car and took change out of his pocket and threw it on the floor of my passenger seat. At first I thought to myself, “Why is Papou making a mess in my car?” then he explained that this was good luck. At any rate, I kept the change because I am a filthy animal.

Arthur has slowed down in recent years. During family events he would oftentimes stay upstairs in the apartment that was built onto my brother in law’s house for him and JoAnn. Whenever he would come down, he would always have a smile on and always expressed an interest in my career. “Where are you traveling this week Mike?” he would always ask. I enjoyed the time I would spend with Arthur talking about anything and everything and I will miss him dearly.

As a person of faith I do believe that we will see those who “go home” before us will always be around us and will always watch over us. I pray that he and Gordon, my late father in law, are somewhere in Heaven looking down at the rest of us with big smiles on their faces; Gordon with a gin martini (3 olives) and Arthur with a cookie or piece of cake (he was “forbidden” to enjoy such things down here due to his diabetes).

Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.