Today my brother Gregory turned 50 and while many people would dread such a milestone year, he was literally beaming from ear to ear. 

He and my sister in law, Carolyn, had a very intimate affair with just a few other couples. The weather was great, the food was delectable, and the wine was flowing. It was the perfect way to celebrate an amazing person. 

Big brothers impart vast amounts of wisdom on their younger siblings such as how to play Pong and why you should not over feed goldfish. Perhaps the greatest thing he taught me was how to tie my shoes, which he did the day I started first grade. Then again, he also taught me how to sneak rum into a movie theatre (I think Hook was a good movie. Phil Collins was great in it). 

Over time he became my hero. In the 90s he had a really cool haircut (long on top, shaved on the sides). As a result of his influence I went for that look as well but unfortunately for me I wound up looking like a potential stand in for Dorothy Hamill – but I digress. 

I’m truly blessed to have him as a big brother (as I am blessed to have Mia as a big sister and Jimmy as a twin brother – but hey, it isn’t their 50th today is it?).

Happy birthday Gregory. You are one in a million.