Sometimes we can find humor in the most unlikely places.  Last year I was in Columbus Ohio running some focus groups for a client looking to get a read on various ways to bundle features and benefits for a new product.  There were 5 “concepts” highlighting different features and each was named with a letter; A, F, R, S, and T.  Those of you who are good at anagrams are already laughing.
After reviewing each concept with respondents, I wanted them to rank order the ones the liked best and therefore set this exercise up as follows:
“Let’s see, we have reviewed concepts F, A, R, T, and S. Please put them in order for me starting with the one you like best and ending with the one you like least.”
My clients in the backroom immediately caught on to what I did and the backroom erupted in laughter.
What can I say? I could not hold it in!